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System Information Tool for IBM i

Submitted on Thu, 08.08.2019 - 11:53

This Java software is a collection of modules and code fragments put into one. Some modules are available right from the start, others only when at least one license has been validated - what requires a system sign on.

All functionality should at this point be regarded as beta. Some material (videos) might be slightly outdated. No outside connection or communication is necessary or being established. Most functions work fine with a profile of class *USER.

Core features:

  • Multi threaded information gathering from IBM i
  • Encrypted user profile storage
  • Scripting: CL, SQL or mixed, predefined variables
  • Multi system monitor with drill down and alerting
  • Telnet integration
  • Penetration testing capabilities

  • Scrambled Java byte code
  • Protected third party libraries


Website, help file and the software refer to third party products: