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First Steps

Submitted on Thu, 08.08.2019 - 11:50

At startup all missing subfolders and configuration files will be created with a basic configuration.


Update basic system data

  • Start the software by double clicking console_15.bat
  • Go to File Menu / Edit System List. Insert the system names or IP adresses.
  • Edit the SN-DC file for data center to serial number relation.
  • Close and restart the software.

All systems previously entered should now be visible.


Connection setup

Go to Settings / Connection / TLS

Here a decision has to be made. Either

  • Enter keystore and password. (For help on getting a certificate see Certificate Handling on IBM i.)
    • Hit the Save button just below the password.


  • Uncheck the "Use always TLS" checkbox to allow unencrypted connections
    • For mixed cases the connection type can be set per system in the profiles tab/ user tab from the main screen.These settings can only be saved together with user profiles and passwords. (Operations tab / Profiles tab / Save tab /Encrypt.)

To save the TLS setting, hit the Save Button on the bottom of the settings panel.

Systems using an unencrypted connection are marked in yellow color.


License key

To get a license key with security features unlocked:

  • Start the software and sign on to the systems with a user that has access to the hardware info API.
  • Proof of authorization:
    Run the HWINFO_API task (SYSSTS tab) and create a screen print, showing serial number, model, feature and partition number.
  • Open Help/License Information and send the data to the address provided, together with the screen print.

  • The new license key file needs to be placed into the config sub folder, replacing the previous version.
  • The SSL keystore password needs to be re-entered as its passwords encryption is done with a random string provided by the license key file.
  • Restart the software.